Ebs journalist Mekdes Debesay gave birth to a baby girl


Ebs journalist Mekdes Debesay gave birth to a baby girl 

Kingdom Real Estate has appointed artist Tilahun Gugsa as its brand ambassador


* The real estate has announced that #sale has started


#Ethiopia Kingdom Real Estate is a private sector company known for its significant contribution to the real estate sector.


#Kingdom_Real_Estet The general manager of the real estate, Mr. Michael Wendeson, said that he chose Tilahun Gugsa, an artist who won fame with his work, as a brand ambassador, seeing his popularity and loyalty.


Artist Tilahun Gugsa, on the other hand, expressed his happiness at being the brand ambassador and said that he will do a great job to promote Kingdom Real Estate with his great experience.


Tilahun Gugsa, the founder of Advertising and Arts Promotion, was appointed as an honorary ambassador today, July 12, 2015 in a ceremony held at Eomer Hotel to promote the houses that will be found under construction and completion at Cross Flower, Bolena Summit Safari.


According to Mr. Michael Wendeson, the General Manager of Kingdom Real Estate...


"The reason we chose Tlahun Gugsa is that he has worked in the field for a long time, considering his trustworthiness in his profession and his dedication to young people in his profession, thus we chose him with honor because we believe that he will share the objectives of Kingdom Real Estate," he said.


As artist Tilahun Gugsan said:


 "Kingdom Real Estate, which chose me as trustworthy, I asked, 'How trustworthy is Kingdom Real Estate?' I checked what he said, confirmed his loyalty and agreed to work with him.''


Kingdom real estate three different sites

Marketed from 63 sq.


???? Cross Flower with 17 floors

???? Bole road 21 floor

???? Summit Safari offers 6 floors for sale.


For more information


+251-981-939393 - Call.

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