Ebs journalist Asfaw Meshesha and Liya wedding


Ebs journalist Asfaw Meshesha and Liya wedding. It shows the hassle a couple pass to get to the wedding day.


One kilogram of Ethiopian coffee was sold at a price of more than 47 thousand birr. This is a record for Ethiopian coffee.


In this year's Cup of Excellence 2022 competition, one kilogram of Ethiopian coffee was sold for 47,236 Birr 23 cents or 884 points 10 US dollars.


The coffee that got the highest score by taking the first place in quality at the Cup of Excellence coffee tasting competition held in Ethiopia for the third time. It was sold at the highest price in the global online auction that took place from last night.


This price is an amazing price for one kilo of Ethiopian coffee, the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority announced.


For those who contributed to the achievement of this golden victory by putting all their time and attention into this competition; He expressed his gratitude to the farmers in all the coffee growing regions, the members of the steering committee, the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association, the Cup of Excellence 2022 project workers and similar governmental and non-governmental institutions, international organizations, universities and research institutions. .

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