Yefazilet Lijoch Episode 81 on Kana Television


Yefazilet Lijoch Episode 81 on Kana Television.

The Ethiopian Embassy in Djibouti announced the rescue of 767 Ethiopian refugees


Addis Ababa, The Ethiopian Embassy in Djibouti has announced that the lives of 767 Ethiopian refugees have been saved in cooperation with the country's coast guard and security forces.


It is said that the embassy was able to save 767 refugees in the last seven months only to save the lives of Ethiopian refugees who are traveling to Djibouti, where they have survived the dangers of the dangerous human trafficking network.


The Djibouti Coast Guard and National Navy seized a human trafficking boat carrying 196 Ethiopian migrants to Yemen on 5th of August 2014 in Ras-Bir, Obok Regional Administration, Djibouti.


Out of the 196, 29 were women and the Ethiopian Embassy in Djibouti provided the necessary support and supervision to the refugees and allowed them to enter their country.


It was also mentioned that three foreigners and one Ethiopian were brought to trial on suspicion of human trafficking.


It is said that Ethiopian refugees are using illegal boats to travel from Yemen to Djibouti and from Djibouti to Yemen.


The embassy urges citizens not to be deceived by illegal human traffickers and follow this dangerous route.


The information received from the Ethiopian Embassy in Djibouti indicates that the Djibouti Coast Guard and the National Navy have been thanked for their efforts to rescue citizens.

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