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The Council of Ministers discussed various issues in its 14th regular meeting today and passed a decision.

1. The council primarily discussed the proposed draft regulation to establish the Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institute. A draft regulation has been prepared and submitted to the Council of Ministers for the need to establish an institution with a clear mission and responsibility to achieve our export trade goals by developing agricultural technologies that help facilitate the current and sustainable agricultural development needs of the country through effective research, coordinating, supporting and encouraging the agricultural research system as well as strengthening institutional linkages. The council discussed the draft regulation and decided to put it into effect from the day it was published in the Negarit newspaper.

2. Next, the council discussed the proposed draft regulation to determine the authority, function and organization of the Ethiopian Construction Authority. The construction industry has reached its peak

Keep pace with technological progress. In order to ensure the safety and health of citizens and the environment, as well as to control and support the implementation of construction projects at the appropriate cost, time and quality, it is necessary to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the industry. After discussing the draft regulation in detail, the council added resources from the day it was published in the Negarit newspaper.

He decided to put it into practice.

3. Finally, the council discussed the proposed draft regulations to establish social security administration for government employees and social security administration for employees of private organizations. Improving the functioning and capacity of institutions; Due to the need to modernize their organizations and make their powers and functions clear, it was found necessary to amend the existing regulations in order to ensure the continuity and reliability of the services they provide to the citizens who have served their country and retire by researching whether the pension funds collected by the institutions are profitable and viable. After extensive discussion on the draft regulations, the council decided to add resources and take effect from the day they were published in the Negarit newspaper.


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