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Volkswagen electric vehicle

He was temporarily banned from entering Ethiopia


#Ethiopia The Ministry of Transport and Logistics has announced that the Volkswagen electric vehicle produced in China has been temporarily banned from entering the country.


It is stated that the German company informed the minister in a letter through the embassy that the Volkswagen electric vehicle which is imported into Ethiopia does not have a legal license.


As a result, the Ministry announced that the Chinese-made Volkswagen electric vehicle has been temporarily banned from entering the country until it is confirmed that it has a legal license from the company.


The ministry stated that the work of monitoring the vehicles entering the country and clearing the information of legality is being carried out with great care.


The information we received from the ministry indicates that the government is implementing various incentives for electric vehicles to be widely produced, assembled and imported.


The minister stated that the establishment of a sustainable and environmentally friendly transport system has been given a lot of attention in the national transport policy. He announced that a ten-year leader development plan, especially in the field of transportation and logistics, is being developed for the use of 4,800 electric buses and 148,000 electric automobiles.


It has been pointed out that this aims to shift the energy source of the sector from a polluting energy source to renewable electricity.

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