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Tourists from African countries: Addis Ababa


#Ethiopia Tourists from various African countries said that they found the tourist destinations in Addis Ababa to be very impressive.


In recent years, in Addis Ababa, other attractive tourist destinations including Enteto Park, Unity Park and Friendship Square have become reality.


Apart from this, many people visited the recently opened Science Museum.


Today, tourists from different African countries toured and visited tourist destinations in different areas of Addis Ababa.


The purpose of the visit is to strengthen African unity and cooperation by creating a continental tourism movement.


Mohammad Dhabib Jebel, a senior expert in tourism marketing and promotion at the Ministry of Tourism; More than 600 visitors from 40 African countries have entered Addis Ababa.


Among them, more than 50 visitors are related to tourism activities.


He pointed out that the visit will help to promote Ethiopia's tourism investment potential and help to build the scene as well as strengthen the ties in the sector in the region.


Journalist Jackie May, who attended the visit from South Africa; She said she has seen amazing tourism sites that inspire Africans to visit Ethiopia.


She said that we have found the tourist destinations in Addis Ababa to be very impressive.


Harriet Muru from Nairobi, Kenya; She said that she saw many amazing things during her visit and said that if seen again and again, they create mental satisfaction.


Fatim Tolah from Cote d'Ivoire says that such visits can help increase inter-African tourism.


She pointed out that the visit is of great importance in strengthening the ties between Africans and said that she has seen wonderful works that other African countries can learn from.


ESA reported that the visit was organized at the initiative of the African Union in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nigerian Embassy.


Ethiopia is ranked third in Africa after Tunisia and Morocco by registering many heritage sites in UNESCO.


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