Best 5 Ethiopian birthday songs


These are the best Ethiopian songs to celebrate your birthday. They are really good songs which gives your birthday a special vibe. Enjoy!

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Danbeli graduated

#Ethiopia They donated 500,000.00 Birr for a good cause on the graduation day

A book titled "Denbeli" which tells the story of the heroic contribution of Oromo heroes to their motherland, Ethiopia, was launched today, Sunday, August 29, 2014 at Skylight Hotel with great fanfare.

At the inauguration of the book, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Kejela Merdasa, the Coordinating Minister of the Democracy Building Center at the Office of the Prime Minister, Dr. Alemu Sme, the Minister of Women and Social Affairs, Ergoge Tesfaye; A number of guests including the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bertukan Ayano, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives Abadullah Gemedan were present.

This book, received by the Minister of State for Culture and Sports Mrs. Worknesh Buru, tells the story of the right-wing extremist Tesema Gelan and the Meta patriots, and has been prepared in Amharic and Afan Oromo languages.

It has the equivalent meaning of "Denbeli" or wave in Amharic.

The book has been presented to the audience by collecting the bitter struggles and adventures of the Oromo heroes for their motherland, Ethiopia, surrounded by historical content.

It is known that this history book, which was read in 404 pages, was prepared in Amharic language in addition to Afan Oromo.

As author Worknesh Bru said at the graduation ceremony in Dasa, "Denbeli has gathered information and evidence about the history of the right-leaning patriots.

He added, "Denbelin said that they took great care to write and publish in Afan Oromo and Amharic languages ​​and explained that it took them several months to find a single photograph."

Ms. Worknesh Bru at Dasa Kedenbeli book sale

* 200,000.00 Birr for Oromia Busa Gonofa
* 150,000.00 Birr for Deborah Foundation
* 150,000.00 Birr for Macedonia

In total, they donated 500,000.00 Birr for good deeds on the day of graduation.

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