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68 gold medalist


* From Wolayta Tona Boxing Club to Ethiopia Pride


#Ethiopia The outstanding Ethiopian boxer Bethel Wolde met the Mozambican boxer in the finals at 66 kg and with an amazing result of 5 to no score in this year's All Africa Games held in Accra, Ghana, she was able to record the 2nd gold medal for Ethiopia and increase the number of gold medals for herself.


From Wolaita-Ethiopia to the international boxing competition, Bethel Wolde, who has won more than 67 gold medals as well as a four-round belt competition champion of the Ethiopian national team, has confirmed in public that she continues to set a new record by winning the 68th gold medal in the athletics competition in Africa.


Bethel Wolde was born and raised as Wolaita Sodo, she is a young woman who has proven herself in boxing. She has won 67 medals in boxing, kickboxing and muay thai competitions so far.


What is different is that only one of these medals is bronze and all the others are gold.


This strong woman, who started the Tona Boxing Team, represented Wolaita Zone years ago and is known as the regional and national women's boxing champion.


In the following times, she played for Akademi, Nyalana and Addis Ababa Police Sports Club, winning many championships and winning gold medals.


Recently, in September 2015, she represented Ethiopia in the Mointai International competition, where she defeated the Belarusian competitor and raised the name of her country.


At the 13th All Africa Games held in Accra, Ghana, after 37 years, Ethiopia won a gold medal for their country in the boxing competition.


The 13th Pan-African Athletics Competition, which has been held in Accra, Ghana for the last five days, has been announced with the participation of more than 640 athletes from 50 African countries. Ethiopia is represented by 47 male and 40 female athletes, with a total of 87 athletes and 7 gold, 7 silver and 4 bronze medals. According to the information we received from the Federation.

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