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Lemi Kura District/City Land Development Management announced that it is about to start work.


The service provided by the office has caused the community to be abused and bitter. The community has been suspended for the past three weeks following repeated complaints that the client was not able to get the legal services he should have and was being asked to intercede and was exposed to exploitation. He announced that it will officially start on 03.


The new head of the office, Ato Geremue Warku, said that for one reason or another, our people and the government have been harmed. Therefore, when we start the service tomorrow, we have completed our readiness to apologize to the people we have wronged.


Ato Geremue stated that starting tomorrow, services related to transfer debt suspension, court dispute services, guarantees, development of government projects and lease payment will be started on existing holdings. They said that they will not start for some time, maybe up to a month, until they are tested and the service that the society and the government needs is properly brought.


The experts of the office who gave us their opinion in our interview assured us that they are very sad and regretful for what happened.

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