Besintu Episode 2 "Hilm Endefechiw""


Besintu sitcom on EBS television.

The Government Communication Service thanked the communication and media professionals.


The Government Communication Service expressed its gratitude to the professionals in the communication and media sector who are performing their professional duty to deliver information to the public.


To journalists, cameramen and institutional and regional communication experts who are fulfilling their professional responsibilities to answer society's information requests; The Government Communications Service is very grateful.


The program held across the country under the theme "Give Ethiopia Thanks" was also celebrated at the Ministry's office with various events.


Based on the message delivered by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, at the "Ethiopia Tamesgun" program celebrated today, the Minister of Government Communication Services, Dr. Leges Tulu, said that the main purpose of the institution is to provide the society with accurate information about the government's plans and activities, so the media and communication are contributing greatly to the success of this task. We thank the experts.


The minister added that even though the world is in a test, to the farmers who are working day and night so that our people can eat and sleep, to the brave defense army and security forces who are protecting the borders and sovereignty of the country, to the teachers who are building a generation, to the health experts, to the government workers, to the citizens who are engaged in private work and to the Ethiopians who are serving their country sincerely in other fields. Thank you all.


Dr. Legese said, "The strength we have gained from the challenges we have faced and the good things we have achieved together will be the foundation for our success tomorrow." "We should stand together so that the good things started by every citizen thinking and working for the country will succeed," he said.


The Minister of State for Media Relations Monitoring and Information Organization of the Government Communication Service delivered his message at the event. He said that today is the day when Ethiopia is going through many challenges and thanks to its creator for helping her overcome all her challenges.


"People in all religions praise their creator, to the creator who has preserved Ethiopia today; It is a day to thank the Ethiopians who have faced challenges together and made sacrifices as well as the people who have done good for us in each of our lives," said the Minister of State.


Kebede Desisa, Minister of State for Public Relations and Institutional Monitoring, said, "When our athletes run for one country, just as others leave their differences and put Ethiopia first, we should always put Ethiopia first and work together for nation building."


The Minister of State said in the program that the practice of thanking good deeds will continue to be strengthened in the government communication service, which has been established for a short time.


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