Besintu Episode 5


This drama is a sitcom that portrays the relationship between families of different age groups in the representation of the country. Thus, there will be a relationship between families representing three generations.

It was reported that Ethio Telecom has received permission to provide services outside the country


Besides Ethio Telecom providing services only in Ethiopia, Ethio Telecom CEO Frehiwot Tamru said that the company received a license to provide services abroad in 2021.


Bisrat Radio heard that the company, which has been providing services for 128 years, has obtained the necessary permission to start operations by expanding its service scope outside the country.


It has been stated that the institution is planning to start its service outside the country beyond the strategy it prepares to deal with the competitors that will come in the country. For this, Ethio Telecom has announced that it is planning to enter the market next by preparing a strategy to start its service outside the country, improving the modernization of the supply and preparing an order in view of the limited foreign exchange.


Bisrat Radio heard that the company has improved its service system and is ranked 26th out of 778 telecom providers worldwide.

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