Besintu Episode 7 - Sitcom drama


This drama is a sitcom that portrays the relationship between families of different age groups in the representation of the country. Thus, there will be a relationship between families representing three generations.

In the 2014 fiscal year that was completed by the Dredawa administration, it was stated that it was able to reduce road traffic accidents better than previous years.

A recognition program was held for volunteers and stakeholders who contributed to the reduction of road traffic accidents during the fiscal year.


Road traffic accidents, which cause the death of 1.3 million people every year, killed 4,000 people in our country in 2014 alone, causing many serious injuries and property damage.

When Dredwa is among the cities that have shown results in the reduction of road traffic accidents during the fiscal year, a thanksgiving and recognition program was held by the Road Safety Certification Directorate of the Dredwa Administration Transport and Logistics Authority for the various stakeholders who contributed to this result.

The road safety certification directorate of the institute and the traffic control directorate of the Dredawa police department played the lion's share in the activity, but they were especially recognized for encouraging the schools by activating the community through media work, as well as helping young people to protect themselves from traffic accidents in the schools and teach others.

Dredawa police crime prevention department head M/Commissioner Guled Draye who spoke at the event said that traffic accidents are currently robbing many of our people. Commissioner Guled said that this should be strengthened in the future.

 The program was organized by Dredawa Administration Transport and Logistics Authority, Director of Road Safety Assurance Directorate, M/Commander Gulma Taye.

They called on everyone to prevent traffic accidents together and stand together for better results in the coming new year.

During the ceremony, graduation of student traffic from different schools was also presented to the stakeholders, traffic control experts and volunteers who contributed by the guests of honour.


The report: Dredawa Administration Transport and Logistics Authority; People are communication.


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