Besintu Ethiopian Sitcom Episode 17


This drama is a sitcom that portrays the relationship between families of different age groups in the representation of the country. Thus, there will be a relationship between families representing three generations.

It was revealed that the increase in the price of tomatoes is not related to the occurrence of tomato fungus


It is being sold at 60 to 80 per kilo


In Addis Ababa, the price of tomatoes has increased significantly and it is being sold for 60 to 80 Birr per kilo in different areas. He submitted a question to the Ministry of Agriculture, Bisrat Radio, as to what is the cause of this price increase and shortage.


It is not correct to say that the increase in the price of tomatoes and the lack of production is due to a disease that affects tomatoes, said Zerubabel Zbret, the head of the diagnostic lab desk at the Ministry of Plant Protection, especially to Bisrat Radio. He said that it is due to the increase in the cost of production such as fertilizer and field preparation.


They say that it is not due to being affected by a fungal disease called "Leaf Spot" which occurs regularly after the winter season and which was registered by the ministry years ago. "Leaf spot" is a fungal disease related to rain and the spread of the disease is high when the humidity is high. Although it occurs more often in winter, the attack power is not dangerous due to the presence of chemicals prepared and registered for this purpose.


 Currently, following the rains, various pests such as "leaf spot" are attacking tomato production, but they also explain that it is not the cause of the current price increase. Tomato production is widespread in Ethiopia, and 70 percent of the total production is produced in the Rift Valley areas such as Zwaina and Meki.


However, due to the fact that the fields are mostly covered with wheat, this is another reason for the lack of tomato production. In addition, the reason why most of the producers are increasing the price is because the brokers are telling them that the price of tomato is high. Ato Zerubabel added to Bisrat radio.


Smell Bethlehem

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