Besintu Episode 9 - Sitcom drama


This drama is a sitcom that portrays the relationship between families of different age groups in the representation of the country. Thus, there will be a relationship between families representing three generations.


"Being attracted by the love of the Konso people, I married a Konso girl rather than investing!"


(Mr. Frederick Hess)


#Ethiopia The foundation stone of a building costing more than 180 million birr was laid.


Kanta Lodge, one of the organizations of Hess Travel Ethiopia, is building a modern conference hall that can accommodate more than 2 thousand people and a grand theater that can accommodate more than 3 thousand people.


Happy New Year! You have delivered!'' Karat City Mayor Mr. Frazer Corbaido said that they will support the development and investment activities initiated by Kanta Lodge.


The G+6 modern building, the foundation stone of which was laid at the beginning of the new year, will play an important role in the development of the city and economic activity, said Dawit Gebeyehu, the general manager of Konso Zone.


The owner of the company, Mr. Frederic Hess, announced that the three projects that have been started and the foundation stones of which have been laid will be completed in two years and will cost more than 180 million birr.


Mr. Frederic added. Appreciating the support of the Konso government and the people, Mr. Frederik said, "We are more than investing because of the love of the Konso people, we are married to the Konso nation and we are happy."

Ato Frederik Hess said that I have started a new chapter in the new year. They wished the new year to be one of peace and love and thanked the government and people of the zone.


Konso Zone Government Communication Gu/Department


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