Besintu Episode 22 - Sitcom drama


This sitcom has a different perspective; It is a comedy that shows the relationship of a person who has a personality and age representation from the perspective of the situation they face every day.

What makes the 17th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Day special is that it was celebrated the day after an agreement was reached to resolve the conflicts that have arisen in the last two years through dialogue.


It can be said that countries like Ethiopia show that national federalism is the preferred government structure for countries with multiculturalism, ethnicity and religion.


This has greatly contributed to making all areas organize and develop themselves.


It is a demonstration of the true federalism system being implemented in the country as the government is strengthening national unity and building an all-centered federalism.


All identities can be respected and protected as long as there is a country and a people, so "Ethiopian nations, nationalities and people must build our common value by living together."


Let's work together to make peace history, let's protect our home, Ethiopia

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