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It is expected that more than one million people will attend Hawassa Saint Gabriel King's festival


The security office of Hawassa city has announced that more than one million people are expected to come to the city for the Hawassa St. Gabriel King's Day, which is celebrated on July 19.


The head of the security office of the city, Mr. Mekuria Manisa, specifically told Bisrat Radio that preparations have been made for the peaceful completion of the annual Hawassa July Saint Gabriel King festival.


He said that in order for the celebration to end peacefully, a command post will be set up for regular police, special forces, defense and federal police to deal with crime and they will be guarded in the city's danger zones.


Ato Mekuria added that a temporary trial has been set up so that theft and other crimes that may occur during the holiday can be responded to immediately.


They sent a message to drivers to inform them that the roads from Warka Square, Logita, Health Office and Piazza to Gabriel will be closed to vehicles from Monday to avoid traffic congestion.


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