Besintu Episode 11 - Sitcom drama


This drama is a sitcom that portrays the relationship between families of different age groups in the representation of the country. Thus, there will be a relationship between families representing three generations.



This talented software developer, young Maruf Sherafa, has updated the way to enter the languages ​​of Siltin and Kobena into a computer so that they can be written on a computer.


Southern Region Police has created a software that improves inmate information management and good governance in a modern way.


Gurage Zone is producing talented young people for the country and this talented young man is known for creating many Android applications.


Among the innovative works he has done is creating an application that allows students of any university to access their result reports from anywhere, as well as students can get detailed rank statistics and students can calculate their GPA in advance.


Let's encourage the young creative by using this application.


Features for future development - a guide for new students

- Student announcements via mobile application - Semester course registration Additional features coming in collaboration with the university.


- Students can access their grade reports from anywhere

- Detailed grade statistics

- Students can calculate their gpa beforehand

Features that are planned to be developed in the future

- Guidance for new students

- Announcements for students through the mobile application

- Semester course registration

More features to come in collaboration with the university


Automation of Southern Radio and Television's air traffic and contract management system.


Kebena-Amharic-English dictionary application has also been installed on Google before.

He uploaded it to Google by creating a smart language application.


Recently, the Southern Region Correctional Police Commission and the fifteen correctional institutions have been connected online, and all paper-based work has been replaced by computers.


The database will also modernize the management of inmate information as it will be centralized. It also improves good governance.


If this software is developed a little, it will support the work of the Police Commission in the future.


Currently, this creative expert is now a fourth year student in Addis Ababa


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