Famous Ethiopian artist sing on her daughter wedding


Famous Ethiopian artist sing on her daughter wedding.

Minister of Education Professor Birhanu Nega and his delegation are visiting Dredawa.


Prof. Birhanu Nega visited Dredawa University and visited Mariam Sefer High School and Sabian High School under the Education Bureau.


During the visit, the minister stated that the purpose of his visit was to observe the status of student registration and to assess the status of the preparatory phase of the administration's education office for the successful implementation of the 2015 academic year.


An explanation showing the status of the preparation phase of the general education sector of the office was presented and discussed.

Health benefits of garlic


Addis Ababa, garlic is said to have cures for various diseases and health benefits due to the ingredients it contains.


Garlic is a low-calorie food that is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6 and manganese.


As it is a type of food that is capable of destroying bacteria and viruses at a high level, it also prevents humans from being affected by these pathogens.


A substance found in garlic is said to be effective against fungal skin infections and helps maintain skin health.


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    Wow wonderful wedding. I wish you have a good couple times