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Some roads in Addis Ababa will be #closed tomorrow.


With the motto "Let's honor the heroes who protect us", it is said that the road around Cross Square will be closed for a certain time in connection with the celebration of 'Firemen's Day', which is celebrated for the 24th time in the world and for the 2nd time in Ethiopia.


It is stated that the roads around the Cross Square will be closed from 12:00 in the morning.


Roads to be closed:


- The road leading from the intersection to the Cross Square, Saint Urail Church;


- From Bole to Cross Square Olympia;


- From Lancha to Cross Square, the fourth division will be closed and #for heavy vehicles will be closed with Tilahun Square.


- From the High Court, in Leghar to Cross Square for Leghar Lamp;


- From Goma Savings at National Theater to Cross Square Tele Crossing or Kbu Bank;


- Harambe Hotel junction on the road leading from Theodore Square to Cross Square;


- From 4 kilometers to the National Palace intersection of the road leading to Cross Square; Roads will be closed from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM.


Addis Ababa Police has called for drivers to use other #alternative_roads.

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