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Hosea delivered 300 houses


#Ethiopia On Saturday, November 10, 2015, many people attended Yerer Homes to inaugurate the houses built by Hosea Real Estate.


 The weather from 2:00 am was slightly sunny but had a special power to bring optimism. It was a day of joy for both the home developers and the key holders as the day saw 300 owners handing over the keys.


It is the day when Mr. Mane Gebreslase of Hosea Trading House, a private limited liability company, will hand over the house to the owners that he has built for 2 years and 6 months.


 The guest of honor of the day, the Honorable Mrs. Adanech Abebe, the Mayor of Addis Ababa, visited the houses built after the inauguration ceremony.


Honorable Mrs. Adanech Abebe expressed her admiration for Hosea Trading saying that completing a job in a short period of time is a sign of success.


 He added that it is an activity that should be encouraged especially to dream of land for the intended purpose.


Hosea Houses is spread over 23,000 square meters and includes 280 one-, two- and three-bedroom residential units and a four-story detached house with 10 shops behind it, 14 apartment buildings, and 20 villas of 250 square meters each. It is inclusive.


 It also contains offices for administrative purposes. They have been working on these houses day and night since 2013 and it took a lot of hard work to finish the key handover day.


According to Mr. Mane Gebrusslase, a person can't get anywhere alone, so working together is the only effective solution.


It was this spirit of cooperation that was seen in Yerer Village on the morning of November 10, 2015. The process of acquiring the land to build a house and handing over the keys to the residents was challenging, but Hosea's people did it well.


This gives them great satisfaction when they think about it today. Everything was on paper and moving according to plan, so even minor issues got attention.


When Hosea was inaugurating the houses, the Addis Ababa Police Marching Band played a melodious tune for the highlight of the day. When this music was heard in that sprawling village, it gave a special feeling.


There were more than 29 members of the media who were there to report this historic event. On the one hand, they interview key stakeholders. In another, they try to measure the quality of the houses built.


 Many of the quality of the houses; Together with the size of the campus, they were surprised. In fact, some have been heard to say speed versus quality. This was the primary goal of Hosea's people.


The people who received the keys that day expressed their happiness with the house Hosea offered them. They explained that they were not given that much inflated price.


 On November 10, 2015, the graduation ceremony in Yerer Village was completed smoothly. A certificate of appreciation for those who made a special contribution to the house construction and graduation on this day.


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