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Rome: Tef promotion program


#Ethiopia A program to promote Ethiopia's teff production and foods made from teff was held at the headquarters of the World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome, marking this year's International Grains Day.


The program organized by the cooperation of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ethiopian Embassy in Rome was attended by the staff of the United Nations institutions in Rome and in other countries, the ambassadors of African countries in Rome and the representatives of the European Union.


Ethiopia's ambassador to Italy, Demitu Hambisa, said that Ethiopia is home to people who own a diverse culture, religion and tradition.


He explained that there are popular types of food in Ethiopia and the most common food eaten by Ethiopians is bread made from teff.


In addition, teff has been produced by Ethiopian farmers for thousands of years, and it is indicated that Ethiopia has selected teff as part of the World Food and Agriculture Organization's "One Trend in One Country" program, as it is an indigenous grain (millet) variety and label.


In addition to Ethiopian food, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that Ethiopian traditional music and dance, coffee and other cultural manifestations will be presented to the audience.


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