Best Ethiopian wedding attended by famous artists


Ethiopian wedding attended by Ethiopian artists.

Ministries' 2016 budget hearing program was held



The Ministry of Urban and Infrastructure Development, the Ministry of Peace, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the responsible institutions held the 2016 budget hearing program at the meeting hall of the Ministry of Finance.


According to the Minister of Finance, Ahmed Shide, who chaired the budget hearing program, the 2016 budget plan is based on the program budget that will be implemented from 2016 to 2018.


The three ministries have confirmed that they will support the budget according to the budget ceiling if they do not achieve their plans.


He mentioned that the 2016 budget will be prepared considering the construction of a sustainable and fair economy, debt repayment and budget deficit as well as other macroeconomic issues, and stressed that all federal budget offices are required to prepare and submit their budgets according to the budget ceiling given to them.


In the process of budget preparation and execution, it is necessary to use the country's resources and the government budget properly and sparingly only for the planned purpose, and the executive offices and officials are also directed to manage the budget properly and with a high sense of responsibility.

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