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There is nothing I didn't try and I used to sing... Actress Helen Badlu is my good sister.. I am Muslim.. Actor Elias Alemu | Seifu on EBS

Ethiopian athletes won the Beirut Marathon


#Ethiopia At the Beirut Marathon, Ethiopian athletes broke the local record in both sexes and won.


In the Beirut Marathon, Gadisa Tafa finished first by entering the men's 02:10:34, while Gojam Laineh finished second.


 Also, in the women's marathon, Mulgojam Berhan finished first with a time of 02:19:32 and improved the local record.


According to the information we received from the embassy, ​​Temeseng Umar, the Consul General of the EDF in Beirut, encouraged the Ethiopian athletes and presented the prizes prepared by the organizers of the competition.

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