After 11 days he returned home happily


After 11 days he returned home happily.

Ali Beer, an artist who reigned in music for 50 years


In Ethiopia's music industry, Ali Biri is one of the most important figures among the veterans who are responsible for the current status of the music industry. Ali Beera, who is known for his music in many Ethiopian languages, especially in Afan Oromo, has become a symbol of the language due to his ability to be a transcendental influencer.


Artist Ali Beera, who was born in Dredawa in May 1940, grew up listening to various local and international music as a child and it can be understood from the interviews he gave to his school friends and family that he started his musical career in Mangoragor.


He attended primary school in Dredawa city and secondary school in Addis Ababa Cathedral School. He studied music at Santa Monica College in the United States.


Artist Ali Beera started his music career in 1954 by joining the traditional music group "Afren Qolo" which aims to promote Oromo music. Because there is another boy named Ali in the group, he was given the name "Ali Beer" from the original song "Bira Da Bare" to distinguish the two. Speaking about Afrenqlo Music Band, Ali said, "I am one of the founders, not the founder. I would say I am younger than them."


Ali Shebo, one of the founders of Afrenqlo, was awarded an honorary doctorate from Haramaya University. I joined them and founded Afrinqlo," he said.


Artist Ali Beera was employed by the Honor Guard Orchestra and worked for three years; He also joined the band 'Ibex' and has been presenting his music in D Africa for eight years. In total he played over 267 songs about love, environment and politics. Ali plays guitar, piano, oud and other musical instruments. He has performed in over 40 countries (on all continents) in numerous venues.


Ali Birra has established a charitable organization called "Birra Children's Education Fund" with his wife and is providing support for children's education.


In addition to Oromo, artist Ali is able to play many songs in Somali, Afar: Harari, Amharic and Arabic languages.

Ali Beer, an artist who spoke about himself one season, said, "I classify myself as a fighter for the truth."


 The 75-year-old artist Ali Beera has made a great contribution to the solidarity and social cohesion of the people of Ethiopia. By conveying timeless messages through his music, he has greatly contributed to shaping a good generation.


In addition to playing timeless music with his raspy voice, the artist is also a poet and song writer. Artist Ali Beera has been a gem in Oromo music for the past 50 years.


He also contributed a lot to the musical development of the language.


An artist who was awarded an honorary doctorate for his contribution to the field of art.

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