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Weddings and weddings


#Ethiopia From the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the beginning of the Nineveh fast, many marriage ceremonies are held in our country.


The families of the couple prepare invitations and send them to their relatives asking them to attend our wedding program. It is becoming more and more common to look at vintage quality calling cards and keep them as souvenirs. So, as we have seen in some marriage invitation papers, it has become common to see words that have the same sound when they are read but are written with the same meaning as Aramba and Kobo.


These words are wedding and marriage. Let's look at the difference in the meaning of the two words to help us.


Wedding: Irrigation, irrigation water, small river, pond, etc

Serge: He entered, to say that he got married

Asrag: Irrigation


Weddings: Weddings, weddings, parties, decorating and award ceremony

Saragi: one who decorates, rewards, rewards,

Asergewe: He stole, he decorated, he decorated, he gave a prize

Tesergewe: Decorated, decorated, Ako with gold and silver.

The desert is covered with flowers (the earth is decorated with flowers).


In the early liturgy, we say, "The cross is bright with stars, the sky is bright, the sun is bright." This cross lit up the sky, decorated it with stars and showed the sun above all.


And when brides and grooms' families call us to attend your wedding ceremony, it would be a good idea to be careful not to say "Wedding" on your calling card.


Happy wedding to all the newlyweds this year.


Petros Ashenafi Kebede

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