Teddy afro surprise


Famous artist Teddy Afro surprised the groom and bride on their wedding.

Ashenda festival is where girls of Tigray sing for peace and hope, not war - Dr. Abraham Baali


The Ashenda festival is where the girls of Tigray sing for peace and hope, not war, Defense Minister Dr. Abraham Bai said.


Ashenda festival is also a glorious festival where girls express their culture and wish the new year to be an era of optimism.


He explained that the festival is a time where hatred and hatred are forgiven and unity is sung.


In his statement, the minister said that Ashenda festival is a festival where girls of Tigray sing for peace and hope, not a festival where war is preached.


Dr. Abraham said, "We should stop those who are preaching wromg things, who do not feel anything when the young people of Tigray fall like leaves, and who still do not learn from their past mistakes."


War is not a game as they say, the minister said, adding that it consumes many young people who are the hope of the people and will build the next generation.


They also mentioned the need to single out and fight against a handful of indifferent groups.


He said that the only thing that will make the people victorious is to discuss the differences in a peaceful manner following the constitutional procedure.


Apart from this, if anyone believes that there is a solution that can be achieved through force and war and that will ensure lasting peace, it is only the party that cares about personal and group interest more than the public interest, the minister said.

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