30 Days Before 30th…very soon


Three decades... Three hundred and sixty months……thirty years.


Golden time from childhood. From the age of youth; A bridge to adulthood...


From family life, to youth work and education, to a balanced way of responsibility.


This time……..this era……this season…….this journey is for you.


My name is Zechariah the Promise. an actor A film expert. I am a wife and mother.


In a month....in thirty days I will be thirty years old. I am crossing a stage of age. So what is this issue? What's so amazing about this? Or what does this wonder? If you have


Many are surprised, many are surprised...because

many memories,

Many observations

A lot of fun

A lot of sadness

A lot of work

A lot of dreams



This is surprising.

This is amazing.


In this seemingly short period of time, I will tell you what I have lived, what I have wished for, what I have achieved and what I have not achieved. I'm going to share it with you - every day for thirty days.


The journey is ours together. As I share with you, I invite you to share your memories, wishes and dreams with me.


Be with me.


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