Hamelmal Abate speaks about Madi


Hamelmal Abate speaks about Madi.

"Economic law does not govern" Ethiopian Premier League clubs


You should not be surprised if the player you saw kissing the logo on his chest as the team's leader and pillar, will see him as a member of his rival club this year.


Because this is the Ethiopian Premier League.


Signing 11 players in one window has become a new tradition.


It won't surprise you if the game analysts [commentator] Haya are facing both players from their former club while watching the ball.


Because this is the Ethiopian Premier League.


When a team that won a cup last year or finished second or third, signed 8 or 9 players; Don't be confused if you see him sell the player who is the backbone of the club.


because of. . .


One of the main reasons for this is Soldi.


A few years ago, when the salary of the players was 50 thousand, many people said, 'All this money. . .', they wondered.


This year, we are hearing that 50,000 is sweat money given to pocket after the game.


The price of one player reached 7 million Birr. There are those who spend 10 million birr.


After all, where did the Premier League clubs pour millions from their coffers? Will the players get this money?


  • Begidu Tanga