Asfaw Meshesha mother speaks


Asfaw Meshesha mother speaks.

We lost Asfaw after he was struggling with sickness for few months.

He was getting a treatment which later identified as a brain cancer.

His son Samson was there with him while he was getting his treatment abroad.


Emperor Theodore's 205th birthday was celebrated in Gondar city with various events


#Ethiopia According to the Deputy Mayor of Gondar City Administration Mrs. Debre Yehala, who attended the birthday of Emperor Tewodros, it was a leader who heralded the revival of Ethiopia when it was divided and called a country during the era of princes.


Mrs. Debre said that Emperor Tewodros is a king who believes that the unity of Ethiopia comes through science, research and art.


Head of Culture and Tourism Department of Gondar City Administration, Mr. Yonas Yitbarek said that Emperor Tewodros has made a great history by bringing together Ethiopia which was divided during the time of princes.


Ato Jonas said that when we celebrate his 205th birthday, his generation should learn from him the unity and solidarity of our country.

He pointed out that the baptism holiday week will be celebrated with various events in the city from today.


On the occasion of his birthday, Abebe's wreath was placed in Emperor Theodore's Square.


Gondar City Government Communication


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