Asfaw Meshesha gift his car


Journalist Asfaw Meshesha gift his car to Solomon Bogale foundation.

The construction of the 17-block modern Yilda Youth Offender Detention Center project, which has been under construction by the Addes Ababa city administration, has been completed.


The construction of a center that meets the international standards for the treatment of offenders and includes youth entrepreneurship as well as sports and entertainment for the overall development of the youth has come to fruition as the city administration quickly built and completed it.


✍️ It rests on an area of ​​20,186.42 square meters


✍️6,000 square meter area is covered with green space


✍️ Urban agriculture has been done on an area of ​​2,892 square meters


✍️4364.53 square meter area is covered with cobblestone


✍️ 2 men's and women's sports fields with a total area of ​​1,213.38 square meters have been constructed.


✍️ The project has a total of 17 blocks, with an administrative building, classrooms, library, dining and cooking rooms, clinic and counseling service room, workshop, dormitory for students, 3 male and 2 female dormitories, laundry, multi-purpose hall and other infrastructures.



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    asfaw meshesha is a liar.