Journalist Asfaw Meshesha last interview with Seifu


Journalist Asfaw Meshesha last interview with Śeifu Fantahun.

An ancient city was found in the Amazon jungle


Addis Ababa, January 3, 2016 (FBC) Media reported that a large ancient city has been found in the Amazon jungle.


In the past, only a few people were believed to have lived in the Amazon jungle of South America, moving from place to place and eking out a living.


The current discovery, which has been hidden for thousands of years, is likely to change what we know about the people living in the Amazon, the BBC reports.


According to the report, houses and plazas in the Upano area of ​​eastern Ecuador were connected to the ancient city by a series of amazing roads and underground passages.


According to Stephane Rostain (Professor), director of the National Center for Science and Research in France, who led the research, the discovery shows that we need to change the European-oriented view that comes to mind when we think about civilization and culture in the past.


Another participant of the study, Antoine Dorison, said that when many people of today think about the Amazon, perhaps only a few people who live in huts walk in their minds; But they indicated that the discovery will change their view.


It has been hypothesized that the ancient city that was discovered was destroyed about 2,500 years ago.


Researchers say that it has been uninhabited for 1,000 years.


Although it is difficult to estimate exactly how many people lived in the city, researchers have mentioned that 10 to 100 thousand people must have lived in the ancient city.


Signs that the ancient city was vulnerable to a volcano were found, and it is thought that it may have destroyed the lives of the city's inhabitants.



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