Five things you may not know about late journalist Asfaw Meshesha


Five things you may not know about late journalist Asfaw Meshesha.

It was stated that members of the Gurage community living in Dredawa are contributing to the development of Dredawa city.


The Gurage Culture and Development Association, together with the Gurage Opportunities Association in Dredawa, held a movement platform with various programs under the motto "Social Value for Sustainable Peace" to work together on various development projects.


Mr. Ghezakne Tadios, who is in charge of research and development in the Prosperity Port Office of Dredawa administration, who attended and spoke at the forum, conveyed his welcome message to the guests. He also expressed his gratitude to those who contributed greatly to the organization of this forum.


Ato Ghekakne pointed out that members of the Gurage community living in Dredawa are known for their strong culture of work and cooperation and said that the community is contributing to the development of Dredawa. He called on all members to actively participate in order to strengthen this development and culture association.


Henceforth, the association will carry out various development works in Gurage in a continuous and consistent manner and by participating heavily in the development of Dredawa. He stated that he should work in cooperation with Dredawa Development Association.


Mr. Lacha Girmana, the Governor of Gurage Zone, and Mr. Mustafa Hasan, the Chief Administrator of East Gurage Zone, were present at the forum and thanked the people of Dredawa for their warm welcome. He also stated that the fact that the union is working in this way in the city of Dredawa, which is a symbol of peace, gives great hope. The administration also thanked the union for its universal support.


Ato Abebe Walga, who is the coordinator of the Dredawa coordination branch of the Gurage Development and Culture Association, said that today's forum is mainly to strengthen the unity of Gurage and make the people participate in the development works by standing by the government and the Dredawa administration. He also stated that Gurage Development and Culture Association's activities to fill the social and economic gaps of the people by connecting with the social organizations of the society and creating a joint alliance aims to make a continuous development activity under the name of "social value for sustainable development".


A text was presented and discussed in the forum and the participants expressed their happiness that the association has created a platform for communication and discussion in this way and they said that they will be in the forefront to continue the development that has started.


The association was previously given 300 square meters of land by the Dredawa administration, and the association handed over the map to the Gurage Opportunities Union Forum in Dredawa to construct a building promoting Gurage culture and tradition on this land. With this, they have promised to contribute more than 3 million birr to the building to be built, and leaders, investors, businessmen and various sections of the society have promised to contribute.


  Famous Gurage singers were also present at the stage and performed their work, and recognition and award ceremony was held for those who have made significant contributions at the Gurage Development and Culture Center as well as the Association of Peoples.


By Eden Samuel

Photo: Mulalem Island


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