Asfaw Meshesha on Rakeb Wedding


Rakeb Alemayehu Wedding


"Today, we inaugurated the modern road project of Sarbet-Gofa Mazoriya-Pushkin-Gotera Malekasa, which is a symbol of our city's progress, change and prosperity.


First of all, thanks to the creator who started and finished us!!!


In addition to changing the appearance of our city, this road project is also a significant project for the social and economic change of our city by alleviating transportation problems.

  When we stand together, our goals will come true. Our wish will come true. We will fight great battles together.

Still celebrating what has been done; We are doing what needs to be done. We are expected to move forward while designing big dreams for the future.


To the Chinese government who covered the cost of the road project, to our honorable Prime Minister who contributed greatly to the success of the project, to the employees and hardworking leaders of the Addis Ababa Roads Authority, to the Chinese contractor China First Highway Engineering Corporation Limited for carrying out the design and construction work, and to the local company Best Consulting Engineers, a private company limited by my own responsibility. On behalf of the residents of our city, I thank you!!


May the Creator bless Ethiopia and its people!"


Mayor Mrs. Adanech Abebe

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