Rakeb Alemayehu speaks about her friend Asfaw


Rakeb Alemayehu speaks about her friend Asfaw .


Asfaw's retreat and prayer program


Wednesday January 17th, starting at 2PM;

Adarsh ​​Vaccination Program at the Ethiopian Community Center (ECDC) in Virginia

901 S Highland St,

Arlington, VA 22204


Thursday, January 18

From 10 AM in the morning prayer ceremony at Debreganet Daryaalem Church

4401 Old Branch Ave.,

Temple Hills, MD 20748


After the prayer, from 1 PM, Adarsh ​​at the Ethiopian Community Center (ECDC) in Tsebel Tsadiq, Virginia.

901 S Highland St,

Arlington, VA 22204

Asfaw was one of the founding media persons when EBS TV was launched in America 14 years ago. In particular, he gained respect from the audience for his preparation called "Nuro America". This program showed the ups and downs of life especially for Ethiopians living overseas.


Asfaw Tshesha was a professional who worked tirelessly at the EBS program on Sunday after making his entire life in Addis Ababa. Among the mature people who made this program popular among the viewers, Asfa is also mentioned. Asfaw Tshesha has worked actively and diligently in the world of entertainment for more than 27 years and in EBS for 14 years.


 Asfau Eshesha, who found great joy in doing good to people, was a kind and benevolent great man who donated his father's Vitara car to charity. Asfaw Hashesha was loved by his colleagues at EBSTV, and he was like an elder brother to many of them, admonishing and mentoring.


Asfaw Tashesha was undergoing some medical treatment in the country due to a health problem he encountered last October 2016. He went overseas for further treatment and has been undergoing treatment for the past few months. He was being treated at George Washington University Hospital. But he could not recover, so he died from exhaustion on Saturday, January 4, 2016 at 9:00 PM Ethiopian time.


closing This closure reflects the position of the board members of popular media such as Wikipedia or Amharic Dictionary of Mind. It's been almost 3 years since our company started documenting the stories of popular media personalities. We have been saying that people should record or save their stories while they are alive. A person's name should be used above the grave as a companion to those who speak of the story after their death.

We had a plan to talk to Asfaw Yeshehan while he was still alive. Gathering some information about him, Hmmu went ahead. Even after his death, we tried to record the story of this great man in our big database or record and we succeeded in 1 day.


We have done this because there is a need for accurate information or biography that fits the social media. We put this biography on digital media on our own initiative with the confirmation and information we got from his brother, Mr. Bele, for Daniel, and with the confirmation and information we got from his aunt, Mrs. Debrework, and from his nephew, Ida Bele. Since we believe that true and accurate information should be allowed and shared by close people, we have followed this professional approach and carried out our professional duties. To DJ Fatsu, who was involved in providing information while making this short story; We would like to give a big shout out to Samson Shifferau and DJ Jared.

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