Veronica, Hamelmal and Tsehaye on a wedding


Veronica Adane, Hamelmal Abate and Tsehaye Yohannis performed on Hamelmal sister wedding.

An individual who was illegally moving more than 5.1 billion Birr was arrested along with 25 of his accomplices.


The Ethiopian Federal Police has arrested a person who was illegally moving more than 5.1 billion birr (five point one billion birr) along with his 25 accomplices and is investigating.


The suspect in the crime is Samuel Egale Alemu, whose nickname is Sammy Dollar. He resides in Addis Ababa and frequently travels to the United States under the guise of a retail trade license for electrical appliances, home and office equipment, and related appliances. It is known that they have been investigated by the police for moving more than 247 million birr (two hundred and forty seven million birr) in twenty five bank accounts that they opened in different banks together with his sister named Egale Alemu in one year.


In addition to this, the person along with his twenty-five criminal associates were found to be illegally moving more than 5.1 billion birr (five point one billion birr).


The suspects are being investigated for illegal foreign money transfer, tax evasion, and the creation of a network of connections with the terrorist group of HH.


The suspects were found to have illegally moved more than 5,248,000,000 (five billion two hundred and forty eight million birr) in one year.


In the end, the institute would like to thank the community for its sincere cooperation in arresting the suspects. In the event of a similar criminal act, it will immediately call on the telephone numbers 0115 30 91 39, 0111 11 94 75, 0111 71 10 12 and 816 to give advice and provide usual support and cooperation.


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