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Addis Ababa Prosperity Party office management and staff visited the Science Museum


Addis Ababa Prosperity Party office management and staff visited the science museum which was recently completed and where the results of innovative technologies can be found.


Deputy Head of the Addis Ababa Prosperity Party Office and Head of the Political Department, Ato Alemayehu Eyagu, said during the visit, "Parents with their children, students, teachers and friends can visit the science museum where we can see in person the modern technologies that we only hear about in information, and where we can see the wonderful technological results of the time, so that the residents of our city can increase their creativity by visiting." You sent a message.


Ato Alemayehu, who pointed out that the Prosperity Party is working to give great attention to the youth who are responsible for the country, praised the young people who made the peace of the city safe and secure in the science museum, which allows residents to come in and out of any security threat safely and increase their self-confidence, as well as other technological achievements.


At the science museum, three institutes namely Artificial Intelligence, Information Network Security Management and Ethio Telecom are touring their works in the exhibition organized by them, and private developers engaged in artificial intelligent technology have also presented their creative works.


Technologies that control the entire movement of an individual's house to the city, that can be treated from home and that can identify various diseases, wonderful artificial intelligence works that are useful for soil research and climate and technology works made by private developers including drones can be found at the science museum.


In addition, the results of the 5G problem-solving technology, which is a wonderful innovation of the time, are also open for visits. In particular, systems that provide sufficient insight into information or cyber security, which is the main attack strategy of the time, were put on display at the Science Museum, INSA.


The science museum is being widely visited by the Addis Ababa Prosperity Party office management and staff from various sections of society in the city.


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