Musician Veronica lover Biruk asking for her help


Musician Veronica lover Biruk asking for her help.

Prime Minister Abiy graduated from the talent development school


October 10/2015 (Walta) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) inaugurated the talent development school built by the federal government in Burayu city.


It is said that the center is equipped with talent dormitory, dining hall, administrative building, medical center, classrooms, common lecture hall, laboratory (electronic, electro-mechanical, chemical and digital), workshops, library (digital) and other important infrastructures.


It is also stated that the project lays a foundation for Ethiopians with bright minds in terms of education, manpower development, job creation, science technology and innovation development as well as the development of the research system.


It was also pointed out that it is to enable talented Ethiopians to take out their talents and turn them into products and services without time limit and benefit the country.


The project was started with the idea of ​​Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) and was implemented under his strict leadership.


The talent development school was built on 5.4 hectares of land and it is planned to increase it to 10 hectares in the future with expansion works.


It was stated that the school has the capacity to host up to 1,000 talented students and while the owner of the project is the federal government, the Burayu city administration has also made a key contribution.


Arrived Beautiful (Ke Burayu)


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