Hanan Tariq message for her lover


Hanan Tariq message to her latest lover while she was studying in Bahirdar University. Dear viewers please consider that this interview was done before six years. 

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"Africa's journey to prosperity is inevitable" Prime Minister Abiy


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) explained that Africa's journey to prosperity is inevitable. The Prime Minister who spoke at the summary schedule of the African Youth Conference held in Addis Ababa; He said Africa has many opportunities to realize its journey to prosperity.


He stated that at the end of 2030, 40 percent of the world's young generation will be African youth. He said that the next leaders of Africa and the world are the young people who are among us today. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the economic growth of Africa has been continuously increasing and the continent is moving towards growth at a high speed.


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that new job creations and young entrepreneurs are flourishing in Africa. The Prime Minister stated that technologies indigenous to the African continent have gone beyond the spread of the continent to other parts of the world.


He mentioned that Africa has started the 4th industrial revolution, and stated that at the recently held Pan African Artificial Intelligence Forum, strategies have been formulated to bring about sustainable development by strengthening the capabilities of emerging technologies. He also explained that in order to continue the development journey that Africa is connected to, it requires structural transformation of our economy.


He pointed out that this is expanding production, increasing trade and competitiveness, and speeding up industry to change our role as a producer of raw materials to export by adding value; They stated that doing this is a process that creates a prosperous nation. Prime Minister Abiy said Africa's wealth is abundant. He pointed out that most of the world's renewable and non-renewable natural resources are located in the continent.


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