Samson Baby and Dagmawit Tsehaye


Dagmawit Tsehaye talks about her marriage with artist Samson Tadese aka Baby.

Let us rise with grace


#Ethiopia God called not only the poor Lazarus but also the rich Solomon to the kingdom. It was King Solomon who told us that everything under the sun is futile. It is said that the poor world is useless because it doesn't get it.


But Solomon is a man who begged for wisdom and was granted wealth and power. There is no one who does not believe that the world's greatest intellectual, the greatest rich man, the greatest king says that the world is useless. The world is seen as worthless not by those who lose it but by those who gain it.


 When you reach it, everything is empty. Indeed, man without Christ is worthless. Prophet David is a great man of God who lived in his palace as a monastery. He is a king who does not throw away his harp when he enters the palace, who is not ashamed to be known by God, who is not ashamed to be said to have a religion, and is a great man who is not proud of God. This confirms that David died at the end of his reign. He felt that the beautiful body would one day wither, that the beauty would wither away without a remnant.


The Tajiya Abo Church, which is located fifty kilometers away from Lalibela, and the devotees are trying to prevent this church from being closed, not only by sharing what they have, but also by giving what they have. Living for the love of God, these priests and parishioners strive to pray and wait for our benevolent hand.


We were created for heaven and remain on earth, and we are called to cross and build a house on the bridge. It is really a futility, so that we do not go to the world where we will not return, in repentance, Amen Christ.



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