Adey drama actress sings on her daughter wedding


Adey drama actress sings on her daughter wedding.

The roads will be closed from 11 pm


Addis Ababa Police has announced that certain roads will be closed to vehicles in order to avoid traffic jams until the rally that will be held at Cross Square tomorrow starts and ends.




????From the intersection to Cross Square and from Ednamol in Atlas to Kazanchis on Urail Square


???? The road that leads from Gotera to Cross Square is the fourth section


????For those coming from Gofa to Legehar on the new road, at Kirkos Church Crossroads


???? People who go to Legehar from Bulgaria in Mexico Square


????Mexico Square that leads from Sar Bet to Mexico Square and from the Armed Forces Beldata High Court to Leghar.


???? From Plant Religion to Goma Savings to Leghar Sangathera 40/60 Condominium Area


????Drivers going from Geja neighborhood, fifth police station, tire saving area


???? At the meteorology gate of Black Lion Hospital from Merkato


???? From the head theater in Gola Michael to inside Gola Michael intersection


????Next to Plant Religion Black Lion Immigration Black Lion Shell


????From Piazza on Churchill Street to Gehar Teodoros Square


???? In the area of ​​the old Kera hot water commercial printing house


????From Kazanchis to Hilton Kazanchis Total area


????The road leading from Aware to the hot spring in Kazanchis is in the hot spring area


Addis Ababa Police has stated that vehicles will be closed from 11:00 p.m. so that drivers can use alternative routes and park vehicles for short or long hours on the designated roads, as well as driving vehicles from Friday night.


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