Famous Adey drama actress Bemnet Mulugeta


Famous Adey drama actress Bemnet Mulugeta.

FIFA announced that it will investigate the inappropriate behavior of the Argentina national team in the World Cup


Addis Ababa,  The International Football Association (FIFA) has criticized the "inappropriate behavior" of the Argentina national team, which defeated the 2018 World Cup winners France on penalties and lifted the trophy for the third time in the World Cup finals held in Qatar last month. He said he had opened disciplinary proceedings.


At the end of the final game, the goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez, after receiving the award as the best goalkeeper, showed an inappropriate gesture. He is said to have sneered at French star Kylian Mbappé in the dressing room before the shoot.


In addition, Martinez was heavily criticized by many for mocking the player by pasting Mbappe's face on a baby doll during the victory parade in Buenos Aires.


FIFA said Argentina had "violated the rules by disrespecting players and officials, as well as by violating the principles of fair play and showing inappropriate behavior."


In addition, the Argentine Football Association has announced that it is conducting an investigation for violating the media and marketing law, according to Aljezira's report.


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