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Digitalized drug distribution service is being implemented in government health institutions


The Ethiopian Drug Provider Service has announced that digitalized drug distribution services are being implemented in government hospitals, health centers and Kenema pharmacies.


The director general of the service, Solomon Ngusi, mentioned that although the work of purchasing, storing and distributing medicines from the country and from different countries is being carried out intensively, there are occasional shortages of medicines while they are in the warehouse.


Therefore, in order to solve the problem in a sustainable way, the digitalization of drug purchase is making a greater contribution in alleviating drug shortages and expanding access.


He recalled that it used to take up to 200 days to make the purchase and distribution of medicines manual, but after digitization, it is being made accessible in a few days.


As a result, it has been possible to connect all government hospitals, health centers and Kenema pharmacies, including the Ethiopian Drug Provider Service, through a digital drug purchase and distribution application.


He mentioned that the efforts started by making the stocking and distribution of medicine with the help of technology will continue, he said that the modern information system in which partners will also participate will continue to be strengthened.


ESA also reported that health institutions have stated that a system is in place where they can easily find out their drug stocks.


He mentioned that procedures are being implemented to make medicines included in the health program free of charge and quickly accessible to consumers.


The deputy general director stated that more than 95 percent of successful work has been done in providing medicines included in the health program.




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