Famous Ethiopian artist Nigist Fikre


Famous Ethiopian actor Nigsti Fikre speaks to ebs. Here we are looking at what she had to say on an interview.

"A player who refuses to be officially invited to play for the Ethiopian national team may be banned for up to two years."


Ato Bahru Tilahun


#Ethiopia A press conference was held today before the Ethiopian national team played the remaining scheduled matches of the African Cup qualifiers.


The Walias are out of the Ivory Coast Africa Cup of Nations and they are expected to face Malawi in the country of Mozambique, with the rest of the schedule against Malawi and Egypt.


The temporary coach of the national team, Daniel G/Maryam, in a joint statement with the secretary of the federation, Bahru Tilahun, about the team's preparation; He gave an explanation to the questions raised by journalists regarding administrative matters.


Interim coach Daniel G/Maryam, who said that they started training on June 5, told how the members of the coaching team knew; They explained the criteria for player recruitment.


Coach Daniel said that he made me deputy because the way I play is the same as the way I play.


Abubaker Nasser said that the striker Getaneh Kebede is not ready for the moment. They also stated that Dawa Hutesa was not included in the team due to injury.


The secretary of the federation, Ato Bahru Tilahun, said that the federation was forced to spend more than 8 thousand dollars due to the lack of a stadium that meets international standards in the country and indicated that a new coach will be appointed for the guardians soon.


Ato Bahru was asked if there is a punishment system for a player who does not accept a call-up to the national team according to the federation's law. Mr. Bahru replied, "Yes, there is a punishment of up to two years of suspension, but the case of Getane Kebede is a simple problem that can be solved through discussion, not one that will lead to that."


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