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"Put Ethiopia first, your skills are capable of working miracles!"


- Athlete Derartu Tulu


#Ethiopia The Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Federation held a program of the 2023 World Athletics Championship delegation called "From the Heroes to the Heroes" this evening.


During the vaccination program, former successful athletes shared their messages and experiences with the delegation.


Derartu Tulu, who is one of the athletes who won gold in the championship and is the current president of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation, Assistant Commissioner Derartu Tulu, our athletes made your country proud by running ahead of the sport. She conveyed a message saying, "Run, putting Ethiopia first, because whatever skill you have, you can do miracles."


2003 Paris World Championship 10,000 meter winner Birhane Adere, on her part, said that it is important to support each other during competition.


"If you support each other, there is no reason why you can't win. Teamwork is effective. Make leadership and acceptance a principle," she said.


In 2011 Daegu World Championship, 10,000 meter winner Ibrahim Jelan also shared his experience.


"Even though running is personal, we are more likely to win when we consult with each other. When you are running, reading the conditions of the race and listening to the coach's advice will make you a winner," he said.


Mukhtar Idris, the winner of the London and Doha world championships, on the other hand, sent a message that you should be mentally prepared.


"Any athlete in the world is afraid of us. We are the best of the best in the world. Let's get rid of stress and run," he said.


The winner of the marathon of the Beijing World Championship, Mare Dibaba, said, "You all can repeat the green flood. You have the ability. You will do it."


Athlete Lelisa Desisa, athlete Gehelene Abera and other successful athletes shared their experiences in the program "From the Heroes to the Heroes".


Ethiopia has collected 95 medals in the World Championships.


The 19th World Championships will also begin in Budapest, Hungary, a week later.


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