The passing away of famous artist Tigist


The passing of famous artist Tigist.


The information we received from the Prime Minister's Office indicates that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) has returned to Ethiopia after completing the IDA conference he went to Kenya. What is the Prime Minister's "Clean Environment for Nation Building" Initiative?



One of the things that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) has been doing since coming to power is creating a clean office, clean city and clean country.


They started this movement from their office saying "from the office, to the office, from the neighborhood to the country".


Prime Minister Abiy, who says that if the environment is clean, a person will get the power to think good things, and for this, the government has set an example by making the institutions clean and expanded it to cities and other institutions.


Private institutions are following this example and making their workplaces beautiful.


After the Prime Minister renovated his main office in a way that fits the image of Ethiopia, he beautified Unity Park, Friendship Square and Entoto Park as part of the "Map for the Nation" movement. At the national level, Gorgora, Wonchi and Koisha are projects that have been completed for the country.


The Sheraton Hotel Street, which is part of the Chart for the Country project, has been built in a way that completes these projects and made the area beautiful. Addis Ababa is being made clean and comfortable for its residents in all respects, and beautifying the stay of its guests.


They are showing through practical activities that if we broaden our vision and raise our dreams, we can use the resources of our country to grow and create a beautiful country for generations to come.


Another national project initiated by the prime minister is the forest project. The forest project is a big project that is being worked on to make the area a place for people to live and enjoy without losing its natural greenness.


These projects are making Ethiopia use its natural resources to get the benefits it deserves and also making us see our unused resources. In addition, they are becoming a tourist attraction by beautifying the image of our country at the international level.


This project of creating a clean and green environment from the office to the country has been started in eight regions.


Among them, the projects started in Tigray Region Gera Alta, Oromia Region Jimma, Amhara Region Lake, South Region Arba Mozhan, Afar and Somali Regions are mentioned. Prime Minister Abiy has contributed the entire proceeds of his book "The Addition Generation" to this project due to his desire to make the project successful.


The prime minister's starting point for these projects is to do work befitting Ethiopia's greatness. Prime Minister Abiy, who mentions that Ethiopia has many untouched and dust-covered resources, says that if we shake off the dust and display these resources, we will make Ethiopia reborn.


In order to complete this work, he believed that our city, which is the capital of diplomacy, should have a cleanliness worthy of its status and name.


Prime Minister Abiy has taken a major initiative to encourage people to stop defecating on the roadside and develop the habit of defecating in clean places.


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.), who launched this initiative, said that apart from making people keep their surroundings clean, toilets should be prepared in every area so that they can clean themselves while maintaining their dignity.


He also announced that after the toilets are prepared, the usage law will be prepared. The Prime Minister said that this initiative will contribute to making our city comfortable and healthy.


All institutions and individuals are joining the initiative, and it is expected that the works will be completed and announced to the public in the next few weeks.


Addis Ababa, the center of diplomacy and the capital of Africa, has not been renovated for many centuries, and its waste disposal is known to be very backward. In connection with the development of the corridor that is currently being done, there is no question that suitable garbage disposals and toilets should be built so that people can move around in a clean environment.


The Prime Minister stressed that society should work together to make this a reality.


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