Famous Artist Mahider Assefa


Famous actress Mahider Assefa. The chairman of the board of directors of the bank said that Amara Bank is contributing to the sector with great experience.


Addis Ababa: December 20/2015 (Amico) Amara Bank Joint Stock Company is holding the first regular and urgent general meeting of shareholders in Addis Ababa.


Amhara Bank Joint Stock Company, who started the meeting, expressed that Amhara Bank, which joined the banking industry, has been contributing valuable experience to the sector since its establishment on June 11/2014.


The bank will perform 11 days from June 18 to June 30, 2022:-


* 75 branches


* 401 point 1 million Birr deposit


It recorded 237 million birr profit before tax from 82 thousand depositors.


* Until now:


* 201 branches


* 3 thousand 547 workers


* 500 thousand 50 customers


* 8 point 8 billion Birr deposit


*He gave 6.5 billion birr loans.


* Earned 531 million birr


* Ato Melaku said that the bank will continue to strengthen its capacity in the future. He said that the General Assembly will be useful for making the next journey more enthusiastic and thanked the parties who contributed to the good performance of the bank.


* It is said that increasing the quality and quantity of human power, the use of technology and financial capacity, and increasing the number of customers are the future areas of focus.


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