The book published with Mahider name and Veronica


The book published with Mahider name and Veronica.

"Work is respected by the people of Wolaita"!


#The hotel has more than forty beds.

It has a hall that can hold more than two thousand people.

# You can get all the services in one.

# He owns a unique bar and restaurant.


I started from the bottom!


I thank my creator. I started by selling salbaj in Hararge province. After doing this for more than ten years, there was a system change. The system change scared many people. I came to my hometown Bodit. Bodit came and started a coffee business. He helped me. I made a change from my previous salvage job. In a short time, I bought a car to work as a driver and assistant myself.


From Walayta Addis Ababa


I got involved in trading from Walayta Addis Ababa and I loved the business even more. I was happy when I felt that I was not only making money, but also serving the community. I continued to bring good income and economic growth. The free market that was announced at that time also benefited me more. I worked hard and made a change in my life and work. .


My husband's help


I met my wife through a work opportunity and God's will. Her name is Mengesha. She is a woman who honors God and loves her family. Her prayers are strength for me. Her prayers are what strengthen my bones. She is a woman who controls many things and is my shadow. We have 7 children with her. Peace be upon you. And we are living in love.


The new "Wolaita Tourist Hotel"


Wolaita Tourist Hotel is a standard hotel. Wolaita Sodo is a hotel that we prepared and opened everything so that everyone who comes can relax and have a good time.


Regarding Ato Tefera Mune,


The mayor of the city Mr. Jagana Mr. Tefera Mune said that the revitalization they have created in the city is not to be underestimated.


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