Veronica and Biruk for the first time


Veronica discussed with biruk after seifu helped her lover to have a contact with him.

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Why is it important to reduce the amount of sugar we eat?


(By Dr. Honeliat Ephraim)


✓ To reduce body weight


Eating a lot of sweet foods is one of the main reasons for weight gain, because fructose causes fat storage, and eating too many sweets makes us feel hungry and eat more, so it is recommended that you reduce the amount of sugar you take to adjust your body weight.


✓ For healthy teeth


If you want to have white and shiny teeth, reduce your sugar intake. If we eat sweets, the bacteria in the mouth will multiply, making us vulnerable to tooth and gum disease. Sugar is not recommended for healthy teeth!


✓ For skin quality


Sugar causes our skin to crack and lose quality. It removes the water in the cells and leads to dryness of the skin.


✓ To have constant energy


Sugar makes us active because it gives us a lot of energy when we eat it, but when the amount drops immediately, it causes us to feel tired and hungry, so it is recommended not to use it.


✓ For a healthy heart


Our body turns unused sugar into fat, and when this fat increases, it increases your risk of heart disease and stroke, so be careful.


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