Mahider Assefa - famous Ethiopian actress


Mahider Assefa - famous Ethiopian actresz.

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Since the mid-1980s, he is one of the leading vocalists who have joined the Ethiopian music journey.


It is said that he was introduced to music lovers in 1987 by making his first album titled Sayeme Atahulat.


The singer said that the beginning of his musical journey was when he joined the army house called Fourth Mechanize before he was even ten years old.


In those times, in the first years of his life, he was able to tame his voice by following Yehune Lai, the heir of Efrathamru and other singers of that time.


In 1987, he released the album titled ``I have lost my name'' to music lovers, and he completed the album ``Aye Gedeme'' in the mid-1990s.


Years ago, he was able to release his last album titled "Swedlat" and his name is Madingo Afework.


Following in his older brother's footsteps, Jared Afework and his sister Tugst Afework made popular music and gained recognition.


Dagu Journal expresses its deep sorrow at the death of Madingo and wishes for comfort to his family, friends, relatives and fans.


By Nathaniel Rich


  • Gebre

    ኢትዮጵያ ያለ ሰው ስለ ሰው ማውራት ሲወድ ምድረ ምቀኞች

  • ቦጋለ

    ባለጌና ቆሻሻ ስም አጥፊዎች ናችሁ

  • Trit Mohammed

    Handsam Guy

  • Nahom

    ስለማህደር አንተ አትነግረንም ምናልበት መረጃ ካለክ ስለምታገባው ሠው ታወራለን ቡለን አንተ መረጃው ስለሌለህ ሰለማህደር ለፍልፈህ ጨረስክ አሳፋሪ !

  • Abdurehman kemer

    Madiye my lovely sister really i like all your film

  • Alegu

    How many times she Mary ??