Artist Mahder Assefa suddenly lost a million $


Artist Mahder Assefa suddenly lost a million $

What is an ovarian cyst?


Dr. Shemse Sheumolo, a general specialist with Fana Broadcasting Corporation, says that there are many types of water retention.


According to him, the most common is called Functional Ovarian Cyst.


This means that there is a place where the egg is fertilized at the place where the egg is released from the uterus; They also state that when the egg hatches, that area is filled with water.


This is usually seen in young women and is painless. They pointed out that when they go for another examination, it will be visible on ultrasound and will disappear on its own within two months.


The medical expert says that he does not have any health problems.


The other is called Follicular Cyst, which is a blockage of uterine fluid that is formed when an egg is developing and contains some water and the egg is not released.


They are talking about the fact that it is easy for some women to have a certain pain and is easily treated.


On the other hand, they also explain that an ovarian cyst, which is larger and feels like pregnancy, is painful.


When this happens, weight loss, back pain and pain during intercourse may occur.


Dr. Shemse said that there are also cases of uterine fluid retention and cancer in them, which is usually seen in older women.


He explained that such problems are seen by a health professional and treated with surgery and other medical methods.


By Feven Bishaw

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